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What’s the difference between UV and LED Nail Lamps?

LED & UV Nail Lamps

One of the most essential equipment in a salon is a nail lamp. It is to cure the traditional polish. Also, it plays an important role in setting gel. You may not know gel polish cannot harden correctly under usual lighting conditions. They are not very expensive.

Moreover, they are also easy to use. They are available in UV and LED lamps. Each of them emits radiation per se on specific wavelengths. To learn more about the differences between these lamps, keep reading this post. We will discover together in the next parts.

LED Nail Lamp

This lamp cure nails using Light Emitting Diode. These units produce light of a particular frequency to activate photoreactions in gel polish. Then, it can harden as well as remain gel polish in place for long.

These lamps are normally expensive because these models are more durable for a long time. Moreover, LED nail lamps are portable as well. Although these lamps produce ultraviolet rays, they do not lead to any significant damage to your skin and fingers since they are minimal.

UV Nail Lamp

UV nail lamps produce ultraviolet rays. That’s why they are necessary for nail curing. These products are cheap. However, these lamps are lazier compared to LED nail lamps. When using a UV nail lamp, you have to take twice the time to cure in comparison to an LED nail lamp.

It means you have to be exposed to ultraviolet rays for a longer time. It may be serious to your skin. However, most people think these lamps are safe to use.

Differences between UV and LED Nail Lamps

Bulb Life

UV and LED nail lamps feature bulbs. They are to produce the ultraviolet rays which are essential for curing gel polish. However, LED Nail Lamp comes with longer-lasting bulbs.

Most LED bulbs can last for up to 50,000 hours. Since these bulbs last a lot longer, it is hard to determine when we need to replace them.

UV nail lamps come with bulbs that are also long-lasting. However, they are not as long as the LED bulbs do. Each bulb has around 5,000 hours. And, you need to replace them every five months on average.

Power Usage

These nail lamps operate with electricity to power the bulbs. Then, they create ultraviolet light. It’s not essential for you to be worried about power usage since these lamps do not make any significant impact on your wallet when it comes to the electric bills.

The thing you should pay attention to is the wattage rating before purchasing one. Normally, you should go for ones with a higher wattage rating. Don’t choose one with ratings less than 10 wattages since these products don’t operate well.

If you are looking for one that consumes less energy, you can choose a LED nail lamp. The reason is that these lamps need less energy to complete a similar task.


Most users don’t care about weight since both of these lights are light as well as easy to move around. In terms of weight, LED nail lamps are lighter than UV nail lamps.

If you need one you can quickly move around, you can consider choosing LED Nail Lamp since it is easier a lot for you.

Curing Time

This is the required time for each gel polish to be cured completely. This time is not the same between different lamps.

Indeed, LED Nail Lamps to allow your nails to be under for a short time. You just have to take a few seconds for this. And, most of these lamps have three different curing modes that allow you to adjust them according to your needs.

On the contrary, UV nail lamps feature around 2 to 3 minutes of curing time. Also, these lights are available in three different timers. Therefore, you can track time with these timers.

Type of Bulb

They come with bulbs for the process of curing. A LED nail lamp features the light-emitting diode bulbs. That’s why it has a long-lasting life. Also, they can produce different colors. Typically, UV lamps come with the Compact fluorescent light bulbs that can produce different colors as well.


In conclusion, we have UV and LED nail lamps for curing various types of gels. You may be overwhelmed when you have to decide between these nail lamps. We’ve just made a detailed comparison between them.

Hopefully, our article can help you decide which one works best for your needs.

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